Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 98: Elf-Dwarf Race Clash (2)

Chapter 98: Elf-Dwarf Race Clash (2)

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The following 3rd match. In the situation of 1 win and 1 loss, the combatants who stepped into the arena were a dwarf wielding a heavy axe and shield, and an elf who summoned an elemental from the start.

The elf, who mainly used wind elementals, shot arrows imbued with wind, making them even more powerful. The dwarf protected himself with a large shield as he advanced.

The dwarf, like an armored tank, tried to approach the elf with his sturdy defense. The agile elf, on the other hand, harassed him from a distance.

The elf's wind-imbued arrows were firmly embedded in the iron shield, demonstrating their extraordinary power. The dwarf impressively blocked these powerful arrows with his sturdy defense.

It was like a battle between a long-range light tank and a short-range heavy tank. Moreover, the elemental attacks were not to be ignored either.

The invisible blades of wind scratched the shield and armor, leaving thin wounds. If it weren't for the metal armor, it would have caused serious injuries.

The result of this battle was... the defeat of the elf, who failed to take down the dwarf despite exhausting his arrows and magic.

The elf tried to use his staff after loosening the bowstring, but could not defeat the dwarf in close combat.

The elf tried to maintain distance and harass with the staff's reach, but the dwarf discarded his shield and charged with his axe in both hands. It was the moment the dwarf unleashed his pent-up resentment and oppression.

The elf tried to swing the staff against the axe, but what could a thin staff do? The staff was cleaved in two, and the large axe blade was embedded in the elf's head.

After the match, they checked the injuries of both sides. The elf had no significant injuries, while the dwarf was riddled with holes all over his body.

Hmm... Even in this state of being full of holes, the dwarf's injuries were not fatal. His endurance is truly remarkable.

By the way, when the elf woke up from fainting, he saw his broken bow and burst into tears. It was the precious bow he received from the sacred tree during his coming-of-age ceremony, and now it was broken, so he cried uncontrollably without any composure.

His pitiful appearance was so heartbreaking that I decided to overlook the small matter of repairing his bow.

Anyway, that brings us to game four, with the Dwarves up two games to none.

The combatants were a dwarf wielding a heavy war hammer and shield, and a lightly-equipped elf.

No, not just lightly-equipped. There was a sword hanging at the elf's waist!

And a sizable one-handed sword at that!

An elf with a sword!

Anyway, it was a match between this unusual elf with a sword and the dwarf with a war hammer.

The initial situation was no different from the previous matches. The dwarf endured the barrage of arrows while advancing, and the elf maintained distance, whittling down the dwarf's defenses with arrows.

However, this time, the elf was not using elementals actively and seemed to be holding back.

Was he being cautious about running out of mana like in the previous match? Or was he saving them for some other purpose?

What was the reason for the elf's restraint in using elementals? The purpose became clear soon enough.

Even after exhausting all his arrows, the elf could not penetrate the dwarf's defenses. At that point, the elf dropped his bow outside the arena and drew the sword at his waist.

A sharp one-handed sword made of steel. In this era, such a sword would be difficult for anyone other than a dwarf to produce. How did the elf obtain it? Did he purchase it from a merchant?

The elf gripped the sword and assumed a familiar stance, then summoned a fire elemental to imbue the blade with its power. Flames began to flow down the one-handed sword.

Indeed, the elf was wielding the power of an elemental through the sword. It was a unique fighting style.

How effective would it be in actual combat? I was quite curious.

With the dwarf discarding his shield and readjusting his war hammer, and the elf swinging the flaming sword, a fierce battle of clashing metal and sparks ensued. Both the elf and the dwarf sustained various injuries.

However, the overall situation favored the dwarf, as the lightly-armored elf faced the heavily-armored dwarf.

What turned the tide was... the elf's swordsmanship.

With graceful movements, the elf evaded the attacks, not missing any openings, and cut with the flaming sword.

The sharp swordsmanship, targeting only the unprotected gaps in the armor, was completed like a dance.

On top of that, the secondary damage from the elemental imbued in the sword. The flames seeping through the wounds began to gradually damage the dwarf's muscles.

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The dwarf's movements started to dull bit by bit. He tried to swing the war hammer in retaliation, but it couldn't reach the elf who skillfully evaded and counterattacked.

In this way, the unusual elf wielding the sword defeated the dwarf, bringing a victory to the elves.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the 4th match ended, I healed the combatants and praised the fierce competition.

The dwarf was strong, but the unusual elf with the sword was truly impressive! I wanted to talk to him more.

"Imbuing the sword with an elemental, how unusual. You are quite the peculiar elf."

"I was captivated by the sword the moment I first saw it. It's been about 500 years since I first held a sword."

500 years! No wonder his movements were so refined.

"But why is it a sword? Arrows are.... Hmm. Is it because the wood burned?"

"Yes, the elemental I contracted is a fire elemental, so I couldn't imbue the arrows. But if I just attacked recklessly, there was a risk of the fire spreading to the trees. That's when I learned about the sword and became completely enamored with it."

"Certainly, for an elf, a fire elemental would be a difficult one to use freely."

"First, a sword made by carefully grinding a stone, then a bronze sword, and now this iron sword made by a dwarf. Honestly, I wanted to meet the dwarf who made this sword, but it's a pity the war started."

So it was a sword made by a dwarf. It was certainly an excellent sword for this era.

"Though it was proven in this situation, I'm satisfied that the 500 years I spent wielding the sword were not in vain. And the sword imbued with an elemental also displayed its full power."

"Ah, truly impressive swordsmanship and elemental skills. It would be fitting to call it an 'Elemental Sword'! Take pride in it!"

"Elemental Sword... That's a good name. I hadn't given it a name until now, but 'Elemental Sword' sounds fitting."

"Yes! Take pride in it! Among the non-hero, you wield the sword the best!"

Excluding the hero, of course.

"Hmm... The hero is that strong, huh? I'd like to try fighting him once."

"Ah, the hero seemed interested as well. Let's arrange a match after this. Now, rest well."

There were no life-threatening injuries, but the dwarf's bones were a bit damaged from blocking the war hammer. Even the palms of his hands were torn.

After treating the injured from the 4th match, the final match began.

2 wins, 2 losses, a tense situation. The winner of the last match would decide the overall victory.

The elf's representative stepped onto the stage, and cheers erupted from the elf spectators.Fdd ew updts on n(o)v/e/lin(.)com

And the one who stepped onto the stage was the dwarf's representative.

Carrying a concealed weapon on his back and holding a shield, the dwarf representative.

The elf opponent began to glare at the dwarf representative while checking his quiver of arrows.

With the signal from the hero referee, the final match began.

As the elf shot arrows, the dwarf representative planted his shield in the ground to block the arrows, then drew the weapon concealed on his back, unwrapping the cloth.

The hidden weapon was... crossbow? And a quite large one at that! It was a crossbow using short javelins as bolts.

What, a crossbow here?! What is this? Is the dwarf's development speed just abnormal? Or is it strange that a crossbow appears here? I'm not sure!

Anyway, the dwarf representative, with the crossbow already pre-drawn, placed it on the shield and aimed at the elf, then pulled the trigger.

As the trigger was pulled, the taut bowstring released, and the javelin-like bolt flew towards the elf at a speed incomparable to arrows.


A single moment of conclusion. A brief death cry.

The speed and destructive power were incomparable to arrows. It was an overwhelmingly powerful attack for the lightly-armored elf.

The final match was over in an instant.

Chapter end

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