Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 87: Tales of the Hero's Adventure (2)

Chapter 87: Tales of the Hero's Adventure (2)

The hero was left confused!

"Wow! But your physique is really amazing!! Even Jack, who is famous in our village for his strength, isn't as much of a muscle mass as you! To be honest, Uncle Jack is half muscle, half fat, so he's gotten strong just to support that weight, but anyway, he's the strongest person in our village! Oops, I shouldn't have been talking about that! Welcome to the Saebong Village! It's not a very big village, and the population is small, and other than being on the way to the temple where the Goddess of Life is enshrined, there's nothing particularly special about it! But since it's on the path that pilgrims often pass through, the safety is guaranteed! Monsters have appeared around this village only once a few years ago! And it was just a small fry monster! That's how safe this place is!"

Wow, my ears are about to start bleeding.

"Uh, well..."

"Since this is a small village that only has pilgrims from the Temple of Life passing through frequently, or traveling merchants passing through once a month, other visitors are really rare! And even in the past, there were a lot of people going to the temple where the Goddess of Life is enshrined because of the hero's sword, but a few years ago, that suddenly stopped. It's a really strange thing. I've heard rumors that the hero's sword was pulled out, but if that were the case, the person who pulled out the sword would be slicing up all the monsters and making the world peaceful, so I think maybe someone pulled out the sword and went into hiding. What do you think, sir?"

"Well, that's...."

So this is what it's like to be beaten by words... The hero seemed to have suffered immense mental damage.

I can't let this go on, I should help a little. Let's see... In a situation like this...

I snapped my fingers and created a small rain cloud in the sky above Saebong Village.

"Ah, it's raining..."

"Oh my, it's suddenly raining? It was clear just a moment ago! Oh no, sir! Let's get you out of the rain before you get wet! This village is too small to have an inn, but there are a few spare rooms at the chief's house, so visitors usually stay there! Come, this way!"

Ah... It seems to have had the opposite effect. I thought just pouring some rain would make them part ways naturally...

No, maybe this is a good thing. That child who hasn't properly developed their social skills by being alone with me can now get some training by interacting with and experiencing other people.

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"Come on! If you stay here, the rain might pour down and soak you completely! This village may be small, but we're not so stingy as to let a visitor get drenched in the rain!"

"Uh, uh...."

I'm not sure if the hero's mental fortitude can withstand this.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The girl who took the hero's hand and led him to what seemed to be the chief's house rummaged through every corner of the house, as if it were her own, and prepared a very simple meal.

Hmm, maybe this really is her house? The way she effortlessly takes things out looks too familiar.

And the hero seems to have the same thought, as he carefully spoke while watching the girl's actions.

"You seem quite familiar with this place."

"Huh? Ah, yes. Well, since this is my house, of course I'd be familiar with it. And as the chief's daughter, it's my role to welcome visitors. That's why I was doing some chores at the village entrance. But just because I'm the chief's daughter doesn't mean I have any special privileges or anything! Honestly, it's just a pain! There's nothing beneficial about it! My father is proud of being the chief, but to me, it just looks like a burdensome title. I'd rather pass this annoying job to someone else, but my father is so stubborn about it. It's really troublesome."

A waterfall of words in response to a simple question. he shouldn't have asked so casually.

But she's the chief's daughter, huh. Well, the way she was talking about having visitors stay at the chief's house made it seem like she knew a lot about it.

"By the way, really, it's all so strange, isn't it? It was clear just a moment ago, but suddenly it started raining. Well, the rain itself is not a bad thing, but for it to come so abruptly is a bit odd. I've heard rumors that strange monsters have been appearing in other villages lately. Could that be the reason? Or maybe the sky is playing a trick on the guest by pouring rain? I'm not sure which it is. But I'm a bit embarrassed that the spread isn't much. As you can see, this is a small village, so we're not particularly wealthy. We can get by, but... Still, it's not polite not to entertain guest from out of town! It's just a simple soup, a slightly hard bread, and a small salad, but... When the hunters have a good hunt, we can get some meat, but the past few days the hunting hasn't been good, so this is all we can offer."

"Ah, uh... I'll eat it gratefully."

"Great! Please enjoy!"

Oh. The hero has grown. He even responded!

To withstand that torrent of words and even respond, the hero's growth is clearly evident.

"So, where are you from, guest? The direction you were walking in was towards the temple where the Goddess of Life is enshrined, but you don't look like a pilgrim."

"Ah... I actually lived at the temple for a few years."

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"At the temple? Hmm... Were you training to become a pilgrim?"

The hero hesitated for a moment at the girl's words, then spoke.

"Something like that. I trained there for a few years... but then... there was an issue, and I fled."

Hmm. Pouring out such personal details to a stranger?

"Fled? Was there a serious problem?"

"Problem? I suppose there was, for me. I couldn't live up to the expectations of the precious person who raised me. If only I had been a little stronger... I wouldn't have disappointed her."


No, what's this nonsense? Couldn't live up to expectations? I just wanted the hero to take a break, that's all.

Ugh... Maybe I should have talked more. I didn't expect the hero to interpret my words that way.

Because I carelessly jumped to conclusions, it seems the hero has run away.

"Couldn't live up to expectations... I don't know the details, but how about staying in this village for a while to sort out your thoughts?"

"In this village?"

"Yes! This village has a small population, so every person is precious. Having a guest as strong-looking as you stay, even temporarily, would be a big help! And judging by that large sword, you seem able to fight monsters as well! Of course, the last time monsters appeared in this village was a few years ago, but one must always be prepared, right?"

The hero thought for a moment, then slowly nodded.

He may have thought that staying in a village where he could easily return to the Temple of Life was better than aimlessly wandering.

"Ah, of course, it's not solely my decision to make, so I'll have to discuss it with my father and the other elders of the village later! But they'll most likely welcome you!"

The girl said with a bright smile.

The hero could only nod, swept up in the girl's enthusiasm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The hero slowly integrated into the small village of Saebong.

Well, the only things I taught him were fighting-related, so it was inevitable that the hero, who knew little about the tasks of a rural village, would struggle.

It was quite amusing to see the hero swing his sword down onto the fields, not knowing how to till the land.

Still, the hero spent his time bumbling around in the rural village.

Seeing him like that, I wonder what kind of life the hero would have lived if he hadn't pulled that sword, if he had found proper parents. I'm just a little curious.

If I could turn back time and save the hero's parents, would I be able to see that future? But then I'd have to let go of the hero I've created.

It sounds a bit selfish, but I don't want to do that. Rewinding time means having to repeat what I've already done, and there's nothing more annoying and unpleasant than that.

Let's set aside those trivial thoughts for now.

As I continued to observe the hero's life adapting to the rural village, a slightly uneasy thought arose.

That child... Isn't he forgetting about the hero's duties?

No, that can't be. I've taught him for years. I've told him countless times that strong monsters need to be fought by humans, even if it comes at a great cost. That's why I said the hero must step up.

Un. Let's trust the hero. That child is not the kind of irresponsible person who would neglect his responsibilities.

So, let's believe in the hero I've trained.

The hero's det, if you can call it that, did not last long.

Chapter end

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