Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 56: North Pole (2)

Chapter 56: North Pole (2)

So, I visited Mangsan Mountain from time to time while creating the afterlife.

Is it my imagination that I see a few people being buried at Mangsan Mountain every time I went? Or were there really that many people dying?

Well, considering the era had a short average lifespan and proper treatment was non-existent, it was probably to be expected...

In one of the cities near Mangsan Mountain, there were so many deaths that one of the most successful businesses in the city was a funeral director.

At this rate, Mangsan Mountain might become completely filled with graves, leaving no space for new ones.

"In that sense, what is the current state of Mangsan Mountain?"

[Why do you ask about that all of a sudden?]

"Just curious. With people being buried here every day, won't the entire mountain eventually be covered in graves?"

Although each grave doesn't take up much space, if the number becomes countless, wouldn't it cover the whole mountain?

"Isn't that well over half! If the number of graves increases further, the term 'Mangsan Mountain' might come to mean a cemetery."

[To the people of that city, it already does... But why do you visit so often? Aren't you busy with other matters?]

Other matters. Well, I'm not really that busy. Yes.

Talos continues to excavate the space for the afterlife, and Thanatos and the dark spirits are helping with that task, so there's no problem.

Once the excavation according to my design is completed, and we finish preparing the afterlife and the staff to work there, that should be it.

The minor tasks... well, it would be better to call them Grim Reapers now. Anyway, I plan to leave those to the Grim Reapers, and I think preparing about three managers to handle the major tasks would be enough...

One is definitely Thanatos. If I could decide on Seres and Mang for the other two, that would wrap things up neatly... but since neither has given a definite answer yet, it's a bit troublesome.

By the way, while pondering over the vacancies for managers of the afterlife and discussing it with Talos, who was digging the ground, Talos stopped digging and pointed at himself with a finger...

Hmm, did an error occur in Talos's artificial intelligence? Or did Talos develop a sense of self?

No, that can't be it. It's probably just an issue caused by various errors since it's the first golem ever made.

Above all, Talos has the most important responsibility of protecting the afterlife from any potential intruders.

Anyway, right now, I'm in the middle of an important task of scouting Mang, one of the candidates for the manager of the afterlife.

I'm definitely not just hanging around or leisurely spending time here because I came to see Mang. Yeah, definitely not.

"Visiting you is also part of my duties."

[Is that so...?]

Mang hesitated a bit in response.

[To be honest, the situation of Creator Dragon God wanting me like this is quite burdensome.]

"Hm? Why? I'm seeking you out because there's no one more suitable for what I'm trying to do than you."

Then Mang looked at me with eyes that seemed to say, [What are you talking about?]

Well, I couldn't see his eyes because they were covered by the cloth draped over his hat.

[How would I feel if the person who ended the era of the dragon with her own hands came to see me who was originally a dragon?]

"Hm... That your abilities are that desperately needed?"

[The correct answer is [It's extremely uncomfortable.]]

Hmm, is that how it is? Well, I might have been a bit too much back then.

But that incident happened because I was fulfilling the dragons' wishes! If they hadn't wished for it, I wouldn't have done it!

Well, I had somewhat expected it to turn out this way.

[The fear of losing my physical body, my consciousness fading away, and losing the distinction between friend and foe... I still can't forget it.]Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

Mang shivered slightly. Just recalling that incident made him this afraid.

Well, if the dragon children who hadn't turned into spirits were scared, how much more so for the one who actually transformed.

[After struggling to maintain my fragile self and wandering aimlessly around the world, I finally arrived at this mountain and was barely able to define myself. And now, the Creator Dragon God who did such things needs me.]

"But I can't resist experienced newcomers."

[What...? Experienced...?]

"No, it's a personal story, don't mind it."

In this world, no one would understand talks of experienced newcomers anyway.

[Even now, my self is maintained by being defined as the mountain god by this mountain. But if the Creator Dragon God assigns me another task... I would have to leave this mountain, and then, wouldn't my self blur again?]

Hmm. So that was the reason his self was maintained.

Considering he maintained his self until he settled on this mountain is quite remarkable.

"Then, if your self can be fully maintained, would you accept my proposal?"

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"That... I'll need to think more about it."

Hmm. There's still hesitation in Mang's heart.

Well, it's natural. Since he retains the memories of being a dragon, it's natural for him to fear me.

"Then, if I make you not just a god of this mountain but a complete god, would you help me with my work?"

[A complete god?]

"Yes. A complete... god of death."

Wouldn't all problems be solved if he becomes a god of death dealing with dead souls, rather than a god of a mountain soon to be covered in graves?

"If there's anything you need, I'll make it for you. How about it?"

This is a special offer just this time! Because I don't want to miss out on talent like Mang!

[God of death... something I need... Hmm...]

After pondering for a moment, Mang cautiously spoke.

[Then, could you make something that allows me to fully understand the life of a dead soul?]

"The life of a dead soul?"

"Yes. Although I hear stories from dead souls, it's often not enough. It would be helpful to have something that allows me to see the life of a soul for easier work."

The life of a soul... Ah, yes!

I remember one of the gods of death in another world, King Yama, had such a mirror.

Was it called the Mirror of Karma? Or the Mirror of Retribution? Anyway, I remember there was a mirror with such a name.

"If I make that item, will you cooperate with me?"

[Yes. How could I refuse when the noble Creator Dragon God of this world desires me, a mere mountain god, so much?]

Look at this guy. After making all sorts of excuses. Now he readily accepts because I offered to make something!

Well, it doesn't matter. This means scouting success!

[However, I cannot leave this mountain, so you'll have to solve this problem.]

"Un. I have some thoughts about that, so don't worry."

What would humans think if they experienced a phenomenon where a mountain full of graves disappears overnight?

Wouldn't they imagine a transcendent being in a situation they cannot understand?

With a little rumor from me... I think it's possible to transform the mountain god of a small mountain full of graves into a god of death.

Well, I haven't tried it before!

Let's also change the name while we're at it. Mang is the name of this mountain, so it's unsuitable for the name of a god of death.

Then, what should the new name be? King Yama? Or match it with Thanatos... Moros?

Well, either way, it doesn't matter. It's not uncommon for the same god to be called different names depending on the region!

Ah, if we're going with King Yama, there should also be that. A document listing the death dates of all living things! The Book of Life and Death!

If he's to be a god of death, a King Yama, then he should have something like this!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

One of the three managers of the underworld. Yama. Known as Moros in the west, this god of death is said to have a gentler nature than the other two gods of death, but that's only from the perspective of humans who have not committed sins.

The souls transferred by the king of the reapers pass through the seven layers of the underworld and, upon reaching the very bottom, are judged by Yama for their lives.

Yama is responsible for reviewing the life of a soul that has come to the afterlife through the Mirror of Karma, which reflects a person's lifetime, and through the Book of Life and Death, which contains the correct lifespan of everyone, to verify and process whether their life met a rightful death.

When dealing with souls who have not committed sins, Yama, with a gentle voice, listens to the stories of those souls and reassures them that their lives were not mistaken, making him the most peaceful god of death.

However, if it is confirmed through the Mirror of Karma and the Book of Life and Death that the soul has committed a grave sin... Yama reveals his face hidden behind the crown he was wearing and the cloth hanging down.

Yama, making a terrifying expression that even evil spirits and fierce ghosts would flee from in fear, becomes the most feared being in the afterlife from that moment.

As Yama recounts each sin committed by the soul, the soul in front of him has no choice but to reflect on each sin they have committed.

Those who do not know shame deny their sins and lie, but in front of the Mirror of Karma, which reflects their entire life, and the Book of Life and Death, which contains their correct lifespan, lies will not work.

For such individuals, Yama imposes the sin of contempt, immediately pulling out their tongue as punishment, and then proceeds with the trial of the soul.

Therefore, let the reader of this book take heed.

The meaning of committing sins.

Even if the sin was perfectly hidden while alive, it will be fully revealed after death.

- Records of Observations in the Afterlife.

The author of this book fell into a coma for several days, and during that time, he was able to tour the afterlife.

The description of the afterlife is quite detailed, more so than the afterlife adventures of the ancient hero Rychlen.

Some say that the description is an elaboration on the widely known tales of Rychlen's afterlife adventures, while others say it is a true depiction of the afterlife visited by the author.

However, the author died three days after the publication of this book, so the truth of the matter remains unclear.

Chapter end

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