Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 46: About Death (2)

Chapter 46: About Death (2)

Well, just because I decided to create the afterlife doesn't mean everything gets made instantly.

First, I need to decide what system the afterlife will operate on.

The afterlife I envision can be broadly classified into two types.

First, a type of afterlife that collects and stores souls.

This is similar to the commonly mentioned heaven or hell, Valhalla, where dead souls are neatly stored.

The good go to heaven, and the evil go to hell, something like that. An afterlife that collects and stores dead souls.

Second, a type of afterlife that reincarnates souls.

Where the dead soul's sins are judged, and it is reborn into another life, cycling the soul.

Sort of like collecting dead souls, processing them appropriately, and then reincarnating them. It sounds strange to say processing souls.

Of course, there's the common task of collecting dead souls... but I have something in mind for that, which I'll explain later.

First, the type of afterlife that stores souls.

This is quite simple. Just collect souls and gather them in a designated space.

Here, it might be necessary to create a good environment for good souls or make evil souls pay for their sins committed in life.

The downside is... if we keep collecting souls, eventually, the space for storing them might overflow.

Unless the space for souls keeps expanding indefinitely, it will eventually fill up.

And since we need to collect good and evil souls separately, multiple spaces are necessary, right?

Ah, that's right! It might be a good idea to separately collect the souls of heroes who achieved great deeds in life, like Valhalla.

If I collect the souls of heroes and need their power... summoning them could be useful, right? Like the famous game about summoning heroic spirits.

Well, these are just thoughts for now. Let's move on.

Next, the type of afterlife that reincarnates souls.

This would have the advantage of not needing much space for storing souls.

Just judge the dead souls, bleach them appropriately, and let them be reborn.

Though some space might be needed to make souls with heavy karma pay, it would require much less than just collecting them indiscriminately.

The downside might be... we have to completely create a new system for judging and processing souls for reincarnation.

Unlike simply collecting souls, this requires a thorough processing method. That means additional research is needed. Hmm.

It won't be an easy process. Analyzing something new like souls thoroughly and establishing a completely new method of processing them.

And a lot of manpower will be needed in the process of reincarnating the processed souls.

It won't be easy, but... if properly made, it would be convenient for a long time.

I pondered over these two methods. A simple and easy method that might cause problems later? Or a method that's convenient in the long run but hard at the beginning?

Both methods seemed equally valid. Hmm... which one should I choose...

I momentarily shelved the two methods in my mind, deciding to decide on them later.

For now... I need to gather the labor force that will collect souls on my behalf.

Regardless of which method I choose, their cooperation will be absolutely necessary.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What's immediately needed are spiritual beings that will collect dead souls. Grim reapers... or entities known as death gods.

And I need managers to oversee them, and spaces where they can collect souls...

Un. There's a lot needed. Suddenly, I feel overwhelmed... but since souls are constantly increasing, I need to deal with this as quickly as possible.

For the workers who will collect souls, I already had some beings in mind.

Among the spirits, there were those who fit the bill.

Dark spirits.

Originally, they were the sad end of children who were black dragons.

Due to their father Erebus causing trouble among the dragons and inciting my anger, and even managing to escape punishment, the dark spirits were receiving hatred from other spirits to the point where they couldn't properly roam around.

If Erebus had been properly punished, the dark spirits wouldn't have had to hide... but what's done is done.

Even if I were to turn back time now... I wouldn't want to undo everything I've done so far. It's too bothersome.

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Anyway, dark spirits who are secretive enough to not be easily seen by others... would be optimal for collecting souls.

And for middle management... well, I need someone to manage the dark spirits. I'll handle it for now, but if I find someone suitable, I'll pass it on.

I can't do everything myself. Above all, it's bothersome.

First, let's go find the dark spirits.

Many of the dark spirits, hated by other spirits, were gathered in one place, avoiding the others.

That place was none other than where dragons had transformed into spirits in the old days. The place where the bodies of dragons turned into spirits were buried.

In this place, avoided by other spirits, the dark spirits were gathered and living.

I felt a bit sorry for them... but I had left them alone, thinking it was a collective responsibility for Erebus's crime. Now, I could somewhat lift that burden off them.

Though they would have to do a tremendous amount of labor in exchange.

I arrived at the plains where the dragons were buried. The plains, which once had trees and grass, had become a desolate place where hardly anything but some weeds grew.

Hmm. Did the bodies of the dragons have some effect on this land? It's worrying that nothing grows here.

Moreover, there was a lot of fog. Perhaps because wind spirits or fire spirits didn't approach at all, the thick fog didn't clear.

Quite a creepy atmosphere. It's like a place where ghosts might appear. Tsk.

I stepped into the fog and spoke in a low voice.

"Children hiding in the darkness, come forth. I have come to lighten the burden of your sins."

Then, the shadows cast on the ground began to stir slightly. Um. True to being dark spirits, they were crouching in the shadows.

[Who are you...?]

"Don't you recognize me anymore? Well, it has been quite a long time."

How much time has passed since the age of dragons ended. The dinosaurs that once roamed the land are now all buried in the ground.

[This aura, could it be... the Creator Dragon God...?]

One of the dark spirits, who still maintained a sense of self, appeared before me.

Though it had lost its body and declined into a spirit, it was a child with considerable power.

Compared to other spirits, could it be considered a high-ranking spirit?

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[I have forgotten the name I had when I had a body. Now, the children call me Shade.]

Forgotten your name... Even though it was my doing, it's somewhat bitter.

"Alright. Shade. I have come to release the collar of sin that weighs on you all."

[Is that so... Finally... We can be freed from the persecution we have suffered for so long.]

"Of course, there will be a price to pay..."

Shade responded without hesitation.

[It's alright. If we can shed the sin imposed on us by our parent. We are willing to pay any price.]

"I see. That's good to hear. Un. Then, gather all the dark spirits. As many as possible."

[All the dark spirits? It won't take long if it's just the dark spirits gathered here, but it might take some time for those who are scattered and hiding.]

"That's fine. In exchange for lifting your sins, I plan to give you all a significant task."

[A task...? Could you tell us what it is?]

Nodding slightly, I replied.

"I can only give you a rough idea. Roughly, it's about collecting and organizing things that will overflow in this world."

Souls, that is.

[Organizing and collecting... Understood. If it means we can shed the sin imposed on us by our parent. We will do anything.]

"Good. Then gather as many dark spirits here as possible. The more hands, the better. Those born here and those not yet born. As many as possible. Really a lot. If the number is too small, it will be hard on you all."


With that, Shade and the other dark spirits melted into the shadows and dispersed.

Ah, I didn't say that they had to do this forever... Well, it should be fine!

A permanent job! A black job with no holidays! But an important job to maintain the system of the world!

Now, while the scattered dark spirits gather the others, I should investigate the souls.

By thoroughly investigating, I'll be able to understand what can be done with these souls.

Chapter end

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