Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 41: God (6)

Chapter 41: God (6)

Putting aside the favoritism towards humans for now, I lightly touched the name Yggdrasil that was floating in the list.

Then, it switched to a screen that looks like a personal message window, just like various messengers.

There really is no separate messenger.

Sending a message is... well, not much different from sending one to the lizardmen.

Record a voice message. Well, without something like a keyboard, this would be convenient.

I pressed the microphone-shaped button and recorded my message.

"Yggdrasil. Can you hear me?"

[Mom? No, you're not around, are you? Suddenly hearing a voice?!]

"It seems you can hear. It looks like it's working properly."Vissit novelbin(.)c.m for updates

"I've discovered quite a useful feature."

If all the children are revered as gods... I could comfortably convey messages through this.

It wouldn't take much time to visit them in person. But still, it would be bothersome to visit the children scattered all over the world.

Especially Shamash... Unlike when she first became self-aware, it's hard to find her because she roams anywhere there's light.

It seems to be the same with Erebus...

[Is it a feature that transmits voices from afar?]

"That's right. Isn't it convenient?"

[It is. I'm rooted in one place and can't move around to find you, Mom. Being able to convey messages like this will be handy.]

Um. That's true. This feature might be more for the children than for me.

With me wandering around the world doing this and that, it would be nearly impossible for the children to call me.

Except for Sylphid, who could follow me. That child could follow by riding the wind.

"If you have something to tell me in the future, convey it through this method. No matter where I am, your voice will reach me."

[Yes. If I need Mom's help, I'll do so.]

Good. That should be the end of what I have to convey to Yggdrasil.

Hmm. Maybe I should ask how things have been lately.

"Have there been any notable events recently?"

[What? Oh, no. I've been spending time normally. The elf children are also doing fine. Now that the children are hunting well, I've been making fruits less frequently.]

It seems the elves are growing smoothly. Good. Um. It looks like they're not fighting over origins like before.

Well, after causing trouble once and Yggdrasil getting stuck, they probably don't want to experience that again.

"That's good to hear. As the number of elves grows, you can't make fruits for them forever."

[It's not that hard though!]

"Still, making enough to feed an entire race would be difficult, wouldn't it?"

[Not really! Lately, for some reason, a strange power has been flowing into me, so even if I make several times more fruits than before, I don't get tired. Thanks to that, the range of my roots is expanding too.]

A strange power...? Hmm... Could it be the faith of the elves? It seems the elves' belief and reverence for Yggdrasil as a god are becoming Yggdrasil's strength.

Wait, then what about me? The lizardmen call me Creator Dragon God and believe in me, so why don't I feel such power?

Hmm... Perhaps, compared to the power I possess, the power gathered from their faith is too small to notice?

I'm not sure... but, well, does it really matter? I'm not particularly interested in a power that's insignificant enough to ignore.

More importantly, Yggdrasil is spreading its roots widely? Hmm... It doesn't seem like a good idea.

It reminds me of the dragon in Norse mythology that gnawed on one of Yggdrasil's roots. Nidhogg, was it?

"Roots? Wouldn't it be bad to spread them too far?"

[It's okay. It's fine. Hardly anything can leave a mark on my roots. And if I keep spreading my roots, maybe I'll eventually reach where Erebus is hiding?]

Hmm... This child intends to fill the whole world with its roots.

[Anyway, the elves and I are growing smoothly.]

Yggdrasil confidently asserts that everything is fine.

"If anything happens, contact me."

[You worry too much. I'm not the clueless tree of the past anymore. I'm in the position of a patriarch, responsible for a race!]

I smiled slightly at Yggdrasil's words.

"When you were in charge of the green dragons before, you made a mess, didn't you?"

[Ugh! Tha-That was... because I was immature too!]

"It's good to be confident, but be careful not to become too arrogant. Understand?"


Perhaps because of the karma built up, Yggdrasil quickly backed down.

Ah, right.

"If you ever need a body that can move freely, let me know."

[Huh? Are you going to give me back my scales?]

"Ah, how could that be. I've already said I won't return them until we find Erebus."

[Then... why did you say that?]

I chuckled softly at Yggdrasil's grumbling voice.

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"It's because I've created something like magic. It's not a dragon's body, but a method to create a body that can move freely and connect the mind."

[That's... quite appealing.]

"Um. If you need it, I'll tell you next time."

[Yes! Honestly, I'd like to know right now! But since Mom is busy with various things, please let me know when you come to where I am.]

"Alright. Let's meet next time then."

[Yes! Let's meet next time! Mom!]

That's the end of the conversation with Yggdrasil.

And the conversation with Sagarmatha was almost identical to Yggdrasil's, so I'll skip it.

About how the number of dwarves around her mountain is increasing, how the dwarves are worshipping her as a god, and how she would like to have a body to become free.

Well, she's a child of few words, so we didn't talk much, but it seems she's doing fine without any big problems, which is somewhat relieving.

And lastly... Shamash, who is somehow listed in the list of gods.

I spoke to the child whose reason for being in the list of gods was unknown.




[Who dares to call the god of light so carelessly! How disrespectful!]

What's this.


[To call the name of the god of light, justice, and law! I don't know who you are, but it seems you wish to experience a world without all light!]


[To continue being disrespectful! Good! You will learn the fear of losing light.... mm? Huh? Is this the voice of the believers....? No, it's not?]

"Shamash. How foolish. Young Shamash."

After my words, Shamash was silent for a while before cautiously responding.

[P-Perhaps... Mom?]

"You're slow to catch on."

[Hieeekkk! M-Mom!!]

I sighed softly.

Originally, she had a bit of narcissism, but it seems to have worsened since being worshipped as a god.

I didn't expect my voice to not be recognized properly.


[Yeep! Y-Yes!]

"What do you do if you've done something wrong?"

At my soft voice, Shamash spoke in a voice as if crawling into a mouse hole.

[I should apologize....]

"That's right. So?"

[I'm sorry. Mom....]

Um. Good. At least she's not turning away from his mistakes.

More importantly.

"How did you become a god?"

[Huh? A god?]

"Yes. Unlike the other children who are responsible for a race, you are being worshipped as a god...."

I'm also being worshipped by the lizardmen as a god. So, there's not much difference between Yggdrasil or Sagarmatha and me. But why Shamash?

[Uh... well, humans were very afraid of the dark, so when I shone a little light, they started worshipping me on their own?]


[Yes. I couldn't use much power because it was night, but when I maximized the moonlight and starlight to make it less dark, they started worshipping me as a god.]

Hmm... So, you became a god by brightening the starlight and moonlight? What's with that strange judgment.

Normally, in such situations, wouldn't they believe in the god of the moon or stars?

"Then what about the god of justice and law?"

[Hmm... When humans were judging those who committed crimes, they shouted that my light sees everything. So, I slightly dimmed the light shining on the heads of the wrongdoers, making it darker, and they started believing in me as the god of law and justice.]

Hmm. Is that okay? To worship this self-absorbed and flashy child, who is quite lacking without her sparkle, as the god of law and justice?

Seems quite dangerous, doesn't it?

If she's the god of law and justice, shouldn't she clearly distinguish right from wrong?

[Anyway, I am now quite a remarkable being! I'm different from the past me who only sparkled! Different from Shamash! Different from!!]

"You are still Shamash, aren't you?"

[It's just a figure of speech!]

A tone as if clearing her throat. Really.

Such a troublesome child.



Chapter end

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