Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 23: The Dawn of Human Life (5)

Chapter 23: The Dawn of Human Life (5)

It is said that the basic desires of humans are appetite and sleep.

Ah, of course, that's complete nonsense. Upon looking it up, there was no academic or scientific basis for this claim at all.

Anyway, to such an extent that such a misconception could be formed, appetite was an important element for humans.

Well, it's obvious since if you don't eat, you die of starvation.

Anyway, the act of eating is an essential act that must be performed for the survival of a living being, and as such, it is an act that cannot be neglected by living beings.

To the primitive people who only ate raw meat and fruits, what would happen if they were given delicious grilled meat to eat?

"kkiig! kkig!"

"kkyag! kkyagk kyaag!"

The answer to that question was unfolding among the group of humans.

I'm not sure if that can be considered dancing. Anyway, it's the same in terms of being an expression of joy.

Their hands, constantly dancing around the campfire, held meat on sticks with steam rising hotly.

It's nice to see them so happy. Seeing this makes me think it was good to teach them how to start a fire despite the hardship.

Therefore, I've prepared another gift today! Ta-da~!

At first glance, it's just a white rock! But this rock is not an ordinary rock!

That is...~!

Ahem, I got a bit excited. Let's calm down for a moment.

While wandering around the world to check on the overall situation and to look for traces of the disappeared Erebus.

I discovered a place that used to be the sea but is now land, and out of curiosity, I found a somewhat interesting rock.

A white rock with a faint pink hue, emerging from the barren land where grass hardly grows.

Is it some kind of gem? While investigating, I saw herbivores passing by and licking the rock a few times.

It was none other than rock salt.

Hmm. I wondered if it could be? I was slightly surprised to find it really existed since the place was definitely the sea hundreds of years ago but had somehow become land.

Whether the land rose or the sea level fell, I'm not sure...

It might be due to the movement of the earth spirits in the ground causing the terrain to change. Well, what's good is good.

Thanks to that, I was able to obtain such a gift. Well, I could have created it with magic, but I wanted to give something naturally found.

Maybe humans will try to find rock salt on their own if I give them this? I can't keep giving gifts forever.

I approached the group of humans with the white rock salt in my hand.

"Have you been well?"

"kkiig? kig! kiiig!"Yur fvorite stories on /o/(v)/lbn(.)cm

Seeing me, the primitive people started excitedly jumping around. They still remember me teaching them how to start a fire, showing a warm welcome.

"Woo! Oooh!! Kyaa! Ooh!"

"I wish you would learn some language."

I don't know how long it will take, but how long must I listen to these grunts and groans. Hmm...

Surely, these guys won't create their own unique language that I don't know?

"kiig! kou! kiii!"

"Ah, thank you."

As I approached, one of the primitive people managing the campfire handed me a piece of meat they were grilling on a stick, as if to proudly show that they were using fire so well.

Hmm. Quite commendable. Even though they might not have much food for themselves.

Such a kind fellow deserves a gift.

I levitated the rock salt with magic, pinched a little off with my thumb and index finger, crushed it into powder, and lightly sprinkled it over the meat.

Not too much, just a little, as it would be salty. Just a tiny bit.

The white powder lightly sprinkled on the meat quickly dissolved and seeped into the juices.

Hmm. Good. That should do it.

Ideally, I should have sprinkled it before grilling... But there's nothing I can do about that!

After examining the salted meat, I handed it back to the fellow who gave it to me.


"Try eating it."

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Hmm. I wonder when they'll learn to speak properly? I want to have a proper conversation.

Oh, Isn't there a way to solve this with magic? umm Translation magic?

No, since itself doesn't exist, it would be difficult to call it translation. Perhaps a magic that conveys's intentions to another?

Hmm, it might worth a bit of research.


The primitive man who received meat sprinkled with salt examined it, then took a bite.


His face changed into a look of astonishment.

Hmm, even though his face is covered in fur, I can still see his expression. Quite fascinating.

"Uk! Kyak! Ukyak!"

The primitive man, holding the meat sprinkled with salt, started jumping around and tearing into the meat. Watching him eat the meat with such joy, other primitives began to gather around.

The other primitives looked at the suddenly jubilant man as if he was out of his mind. Well, I too would think someone suddenly jumping around next to me was crazy.

I smiled at the other primitives.

Good. It seems these primitives also like the meat sprinkled with salt. Maybe I should lend a hand.

I lifted a nearby rock with magical power, then used magic to transform the rock into a large chunk of meat.

Then, I sliced it to an appropriate thickness with a blade of magical power, crushed a part of the rock salt into powder, and sprinkled it evenly over all the meat.

To finish, a flame of magical power. A large flame burst forth, quickly cooking the meat. The delicious smell and the juices dripping from the meat made even me, who doesn't need to eat, feel hungry.

"Kyak! Ukyak!!"

"Kiek! Kieeek!"

The cheers of the primitives, who had yet to develop language. Amidst their cheers, I distributed the appropriately sized pieces of meat to the surrounding primitives.

Here you go. This is what delicious means, young humans.

Well, seeing them so happy makes me a bit happy too.

Thus, my routine became occasionally visiting the group of humans to give them various gifts.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What is human's favorite color?

Red, blue, green, etc. Among the many colors in this world, it is said that silver is human's favorite color.

Is it because the most commonly used currency in the Empire is silver coins?

Or is it because the Empire's symbol, the Guardian Dragon, has silver scales?

According to Professor Irene M. Pleione, a scholar at the Empire Academy, humans' preference for silver is an instinctual phenomenon.

Professor Irene: After experimenting with hundreds of children, when given two identical toys, one painted gold and the other silver, most children instinctively chose the silver toy. This means that even young children, who have not yet been socialized, instinctively prefer silver.

Reporter: Is it only young children who show this reaction?

Professor Irene: No. There are slight differences depending on age and race, but the results show that over 80% of all age groups prefer silver.

Reporter: Why do you think this is?

Professor Irene: The academic world defines this phenomenon as an instinctual preference and is working to identify the cause. Some have argued for a preference for silver coins, as silver coins were the representative currency used even before the Empire was established. However, this does not explain why even young children who have not been socialized prefer silver.

Reporter: The most representative silver would be the Empire's Guardian Dragon, but could it be due to this Guardian Dragon?

Professor Irene: It certainly could be, but so lazy.... Oops Sorry, please edit this part out.

T/N: Not sure what the 'lazy' part mean, and who is being described as lazy.. our dragon MC maybe

Reporter: Understood.

Professor Irene: I think it's unlikely that the Guardian Dragon, who stays secluded in its lair and does not engage in external activities is the cause of this phenomenon.

Reporter: Then what could be the cause?

Professor Irene: Here, I have formulated a hypothesis. The instinctual preference for silver among humans could be because the existence of silver brought great benefits to the ancestors of humanity.

Reporter: Are you referring to the Guardian Dragon?

Professor Irene: It's unlikely it would bother with such a task. Ah, please edit this part out as well.

Reporter: Understood. If not the Guardian Dragon, then?

Professor Irene: I have hypothesized that it could be an extraterrestrial being from outside this world. An alien with silver skin! The ones I've named Grey Aliens, who gifted various things to the ancestors of humanity...

This year's trend color is silver! If you want to dye your hair a sparkling silver like silver coins, this is the product for you!!!

(The article continues with a promotion for hair dye.)

- An article published in the Empire's entertainment magazine.

A certain scholar at the Empire Academy seemed to be quite angry after reading this article.

Chapter end

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