Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 1: Hello. World!

Chapter 1: Hello. World!

Before continuing reading, please note that this is a work of fiction. Don't always connect it to real life, such as common sense, religion, etc.

Like below, it is not what you think it is in real life. This is fiction, so please don't be offended.


What is a god?

I had never thought deeply about it until now, but I could definitely tell that something in front of me was a god.

It had the shape of a human, but its body was made of the universe, a strange being.

Just looking at it was overwhelming and oppressive, if this isn't a god, then what is?

"Oh, you've opened your eyes. I've waited quite a long time."

And then it speaks in an unnecessarily familiar tone! As if it's talking to a close friend!

The god, who had no face, smiled.

No, it has no eyes or mouth, so how did I notice it was smiling? What? What's going on?

"I've created a world, would you like to be reincarnated there?"

Reincarnation...? Is this some kind of reincarnation genre?

Wasn't that trend over? It's a bit outdated, isn't it?!

"Of course, you have the option not to accept my offer, but in that case..."

The god moved its hand to draw a rectangle, and that rectangle emitted a bizarre light, showing a different scene.

"Your original body is already dead."


"Sudden cardiac arrest. Died from myocardial infarction while sleeping, so there was nothing you could do."

I'm dead...?

Without having truly achieved anything, just as I was starting to step into society...?

"So, what will you do? Will you accept my offer?"

If I'm already dead... I have no choice but to accept. Damn it...

"Yes. You've made a good choice. I've prepared the best body for you. You'll definitely like it."

But why is this god making me such an offer? Why me? Does it have a purpose?

"Purpose? There's none. I just wish for you to live a joyful and happy life."

Saying that, the god thought for a moment and then added,

"But if I just send you off without anything, you might not feel motivated... Alright! I'll give you one condition."


"If you achieve something in that world that satisfies you, I'll grant you one wish."

A wish?

"Anything you desire, I'll only grant one. If you wish to return to your original world, I'll make it happen."

Return to my original world...?

"But, I'll be strict in judging. You have to be truly satisfied, from the bottom of your heart, thinking nothing could be better. It won't be easy."

After saying that, the god quietly clapped its hands, and suddenly the ground beneath my feet gave way.

"Have a good journey!"

Falling into a deep abyss, my soul began to flow somewhere, and in the endless darkness surrounding me, I lost consciousness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[The creator god of this world. Opinions vary on why this nameless god created the world, but no facts have been revealed.

The kingdom's Guardian Dragon, known as the first creation and the first intelligent being, also did not know the god's intentions. Essentially, no one in this world knows the creator god's intentions.

Perhaps, the creator god wished for a world where its creations could live as they please.

Historian Edward Rochus]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I once read a phrase in a book.

[A bird struggles to break out of the egg. The egg is the bird's world. Anyone who wishes to be born must destroy a world.]

It was definitely... Demian, wasn't it? There was more to the phrase, but that's not important right now.

I was experiencing this phrase literally, without any metaphor.

The world surrounding me. I was pushing hard against this infinitely solid world.

The me, yet unborn, must destroy this world to be born.

Hmm... Am I an egg? A bird? A lizard? Seeing that I have limbs, I guess I'm not a snake.

The god said it prepared the best body for me... Not a human, but an animal then!

Among creatures born from eggs, the best body could only belong to... perhaps, a creature from legends, a dragon.

Well, fantasy might be considered nonsense, but from the moment I faced a god, reality and unreality became meaningless.

The best body or whatever, I'll find out after I'm born.

I pushed with all my might against the walls enclosing me.

Flailing and twisting my body in the cramped space, the egg enveloping me finally shows a tiny crack.

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A very faint line. A sliver of light seeps through, barely visible unless looked at closely.

That was the beginning.

As I push hard, the thin line extends, splits, and widens.

Thus, the world that enveloped me breaks and crumbles.

With dazzling light and a cold breeze, I break out of the egg's world and face a new one.

Hello. World!

A greeting to the new world.

With that, the once-still world begins to move.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was born a dragon with silver scales.

Still young, with a relatively large head and quite small wings attached to my back. Anyway, a dragon is a dragon.

I look at my reflection in the water pooled nearby. The appearance of a young dragon covered in silver scales... it felt like a lizard with horns.

What is this? Kind of a cute lizard? The feeling that it might appear in a movie by the world's most famous mouse animation company.

It's fortunate that there's no discomfort in moving my body despite being so young.

I lift my body and look around where I was born.

A small cave with nothing in it, except for a corner where water pooled. No trace of the parents who bore me, not even the sound of insects or birds in this strange space.Fll0w current novls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

Yes. The world I faced was a peculiar space.

How should I put it, unfinished? A result with many lacking aspects?

If asked what's lacking, I could mention this and that, but for starters, the trees are small.

The largest tree doesn't even reach my waist. It's as if all the trees are saplings that were just planted.

Moreover, there's no sound of insects. Not even the sound of birds.

There seems to be no life at all.

Is this world okay...? As I was thinking, something popped up from the bottom right of my vision.

The shape of a small envelope. What's this? Like a message...

I carefully touch the envelope with my scale-covered fingers, and suddenly it unfolds.

Looks like you've reincarnated safely!

That world hasn't been around for long.

So there probably aren't any proper creatures yet.

But don't worry!

I'll give you some abilities as a reincarnation bonus.

First ability is the power of creation.

You'll be able to create anything you want!

The world itself is like your toy.

I'll imprint how to use the ability in your mind.

Fill this world with life you create!

But to create life, you need to know a lot.

So, the second bonus is the ability to

look into information from other worlds.

The internet, was it? There was something incredible about it, you know.

Of course, you being from that world should know well.

I think it will definitely help you.

Lastly, I'll give you the ability to manipulate time.

Even if your lifespan is infinite,

If you live day by day,

Even you will likely become exhausted.

Stopping time, accelerating it, or reversing it can be

a bit risky, so I'll put some restrictions on its use.

In that world, you can become an omnipotent being.

By the way, this was made as a messenger for gods.

Named GodTalk!

For now, it's just you and me using it.

Maybe someday, if there are gods in that world, they'll use it?

If you have any questions, ask through this messenger.

I'll answer as kindly as possible.

What is this.

At that moment, a massive something begins to crawl into my mind.

The first bonus. The power of a god. The power to create. The power to create life. All those methods of using power fill my mind.

Following that, knowledge related to the second bonus flows into my mind, and I use the ability without hesitation.

As I use the ability, a square window appears in front of me. It takes the familiar form of a web browser.

Seeing the appearance of the most famous search engine from the previous world, I am at a loss for words.

This is... the reincarnation bonus...?

Chapter end

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