Swordmaster's Youngest Son – Chapter 31: Fight, Win, Enjoy (1)

Chapter 31: Fight, Win, Enjoy (1)

Kugh. Argh!

Everyone stood quietly in shock as the amputated cadets groans echoed in the training ground. The other cadets just couldnt believe what they were witnessing that they doubted their eyes and ears.


Wh-What do you think youre doing?!

Stop wasting time! Go call the medical team!

The Tona twins raised their voices, although it was one step too late. Jin was still standing before them with an indifferent look.

Jin! You bastard! Did you lose your mind?

Why did you swing your sword without warning?!

Although the twins objected to Jins actions, their eyes were trembling in anxiety.

Did he already notice that we borrowed our elder sisters lackeys?

But how could he pinpoint them so accurately and cut ones arm?!

All the twins could think of right now was dealing with this problem no matter what.

Otherwise, theyd have to handle two catastrophes.

Firstly, they had let one of their elder sisters lackeys get injured on their very first day. At this rate, their sisters would reprimand them to death.

Secondly, if they didnt avenge the cadet immediately and acted against Jin, their dignity would hit rock bottom.

The news that the Tona twins had been humiliated by their youngest brother in front of all the other intermediate cadets would instantly spread within the clan. Shivers ran down their spine as they stared at the composed Jin in the eyes, but they couldnt allow themselves to shrink back in fear.

How would they explain themselves to their sisters? Were terribly sorry. We were terrified of the youngest even though we had your lackeys with us. As if they could say something like that.


In the end, the Tona twins unsheathed their swords simultaneously.

Ill kill you!

Thats it! Stop trying to crawl your way up the ranks!


Jin completely ignored the Tona twins and turned to the cadet holding his bloody arm(?). The cadet raised his head and stared at Jin.

What is your name?

Kajin Romello.

Do you know why I cut your arm?

Urgh, I do not. Why did you do such a thing?

Hey, Jin! Are you ignoring us? Unsheathe your weapon again, bastard! Its time we brought this conflict to an en

Elder Brothers.

Jin slightly tilted his head to make eye contact with the twins.

I am talking with Kajin right now.

Wh-What was that?

Please be quiet. If you wish to battle me, I will indulge on a later date.

How dare you! After attacking our cadet!

Your cadet?

Haytona almost instinctively blocked his own mouth with his hand.

Was this individual a part of your clique? I only slashed him as he was directing killing intent towards me.

Silence descended upon the training ground once again. The Tona twins could only stare in astonishment with their mouths and eyes wide open.

They were planning on confronting Jin, but got wrapped up in his pace. With the exchange just now, Kajin Romello was established as part of the Tona twins faction.

In other words, Jins actions just now werent a simple rebellious outbreak, but rather, a part of a long-lasting tradition within the Runcandel Clan.

It was a part of their battle for dominance.

The Runcandels familial conflict was always a source of inspiration for travelling bards and minstrels. It was also great gossip material for drunk customers in bars.

In general, there were no stories more exhilarating than the story of siblings having a bloody battle to trample on each other.

The medical team has arrived!

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As a yell resounded from behind the rank of cadets, the crowd split in half to create a passage. The medical team behaved as usual, unlike the Tona twins or the other cadets. They had gotten used to seeing blood and wounds on a daily basis in the clan.

Due to the medical teams natural movements as they settled around Kajin, the twins also had to get out of their way. Although they were pure-blooded Runcandels, they still couldnt disturb an emergency medical operation.

Listen carefully, Kajin. That also goes for all the cadets here!

Jin suddenly cried out as he lifted his head.

I am Jin Runcandel. From now on, I do not mind if any of you behave like I just did towards Kajin. You can surprise attack me with your swords, or strike me from behind when Ive let my guard down.

The dumbfounded cadets stared at Jin with mouths agape.

But keep this in mind. If I sense anyone directing even the slightest amount of murderous intent towards me, I will not hesitate to cut you down as well. Just like what I did moments ago.

After saying what he had to say, Jin casually returned to his original position. The cadets in the area could only gulp as Jin passed by them.

He had caused such chaos, even as Zed Runcandel watched him with wide eyes from the stage.

However, Jin didnt even bother apologizing to Zed. The boy knew that, according to the Zed he knew, his uncle would praise him instead of punishing him.

He loves familial conflict and bold people more than anyone else in this clan. More than father, in fact.

The medical team left the training ground with Kajin on a stretcher. The cadets all watched with impatience to see how Zed would penalize Jin.

They all expected the boy to be reproached by the instructor. The Tona twins especially hoped that their uncle would severely punish their brother.

Jin Runcandel. The patriarchs 13th child.

Yes, Elder.

Jin didnt call him uncle on purpose. His father and uncle were similar. It seemed that the elders of the clan all preferred to be shown respect according to their ranks.

Youve done something quite dreadful. You dare do such a thing in my presence?

Colour returned to the Tona twins faces as they stood frozen.

Zed Runcandel, their awe-inspiring uncle! Zeds thunderous roars could make anyone shrink back in fear, even their monstrous younger brother.

That is correct.

How insolent. Why did you do so?

I didnt challenge my brothers just now. I was challenging you, Elder.

Not only had he cut Kajin, Jin also made an offensive remark.

At this point, even the Tona twins could only hold their breath in shock, despite their wish to see Jin getting demolished.

Did he actually lose his mind? Goodness. How can he act like this?

The twins were having the same thoughts as the other cadets.

You? Challenging me? What a very, very interesting story. What made you do that?


A white sword took shape in Zeds hand. Forming a sword of pure aura was something that only outstanding 8-star knights could do.

Speak. Depending on your answer, I may cut your head off immediately.

Despite the fact that I was amongst the new cadets, you organized a special intermediate class welcoming ceremony. I perceived that as a challenge and attack from you, Elder.

Swoosh, slit!

Zed lightly swung his sword and a small gash appeared on Jins left cheek. But the boy stood still and waited for a reply from his uncle.

So, you were offended by the ceremony I organized and caused all this confusion and chaos? You thought I was challenging and attacking you?

While I was not offended, that is exactly it.

In that case, why did you attack a cadet instead of me?

Because I cannot win against the elder yet. Had I had a real chance of winning, I wouldve slashed you instead of Kajin or my brothers, Elder.

You dont seem to care about your life. Or maybe you trust your position as the patriarchs son too much.

Just because my opponent is stronger than me does not mean I should sit back and get abused by them. I merely believe such thoughts arent a part of the Runcandels virtues and standards.

The legs of the cadets nearby were on the brink of trembling. They had no idea on what basis this 15-year-old rookie could stand his ground and run his mouth as such.

Zed only spoke again after thinking to himself for a few minutes.

So you mean that ones life may only be temporary, but ones honor lasts forever? How foolish.

The sword-shaped aura on his hand dispersed and scattered away.

But this uncle of yours quite likes your foolish audacity. Good, I shall admit it. You are worthy of surviving amongst the Runcandels.


Zed suddenly burst out in laughter.

Remember this day, cadets. Today, you have witnessed the very essence of the Runcandels. This rookies attitude is the core of our identities as swordmasters.


Every day is a battle. You are dismissed! Daytona and Haytona will stay behind. The rest of you may return. Training starts tomorrow.

The cadets began to exit the training ground in an orderly fashion. The Tona twins felt like their blood was being drained from their bodies. As Jin passed by them, he spoke.

As your little brother, Id like to give you some advice.

The twins turned their heads to face him with blank expressions.

Always think about the future. You may be more afraid of our older siblings than me right now, but that may change later on. Dont you think so?

The Tona twins couldnt even answer Jin as he smiled gently.


Woah, I gotta say His drive and willpower were amazing. Were we dreaming just now? I still cant believe that happened.

Do you think the rumours that he killed the White Wolf warrior are true? Putting how we could join his faction aside, we definitely shouldnt have him as an enemy.

But hes still the 13th amongst the 13 Runcandel children. We dont want to ruin our entire lives by joining the wrong faction. The other Runcandels are all already distinguished

Thats not wrong. But still, he was quite the sight to behold. Just who would ever be brave enough to act like that in front of Elder Zed?

And have you heard? They say that Young Master Jin may one day be the successor of the clan. Its an open secret that the patriarch has been dissatisfied by Lord Joshua, so

Shush! What if someone hears us? Youre gonna get us all in trouble!

The recent incident in the intermediate training class immediately spread amongst the cadets. Every single intermediate cadet in the dormitory was talking about Jins behaviour today.

Meanwhile, Scott, Mesa, Bellop and the other cadets who had advanced with Jin this year were already being called the Youngest Division. In other words, they were the object of their seniors sharp and pressuring gazes.

The new intermediate cadets were moving around in groups at all times, just as Jin had told them to.

Since Young Master Jin cut Kajins arm, they may retaliate to get revenge within the day. Keep an eye on your surroundings at all times and stay sharp!

Mesathe unofficial leader of the groupgave out orders to the rest of them. And around an hour later, a group of intermediate cadets came to the room where the Youngest Division was gathered.

The Youngest Division members exchanged nervous gazes and took their stances as one of them carefully opened the door.

Just like what Young Master Jin had done in class today, they were prepared to swing their fists as soon as they detected the slightest bit of murderous intent.

Nice to meet you, juniors.

However, the intermediate cadets standing before the door were holding cigarettes, alcohol, and all kinds of food and snacks.

It was as if an enemy nation had sent an ambassador in order to build a friendly relationship between the two countries.

The Youngest Division was in shock, and couldnt help but receive the basket of food with blank expressions.

In truth, after experiencing the welcoming ceremony earlier today, the newbies were extremely nervous about the chaos and violence that would ensue in their dormitories.

They werent afraid of being beaten by their seniors. In fact, they couldnt care less about themselves.

Instead, they were worried that if they got beaten down by their seniors every day, it would sully Young Master Jins dignity and reputation.

We didnt know what you like, so we just got a bunch of different stuff. The cigarettes were made in Milla, and the alcohol is from a famous brand in the Curano Dukedom. They were expensive, you know? We didnt put poison or anything in them, so wed be grateful if you accepted these.

Why are you suddenly giving us such things?

Why, you ask? Because were currying favour with you. Were not affiliated with any faction, so while we cant participate in the family dispute, we do want to root for Young Master Jin.

In the Runcandel Clan, being unaffiliated to any faction meant that the cadets were not skilled enough.

And despite being in this non-committal situation, these cadets had come looking for the Youngest Division because of the Tona twins.

These cadets had experienced all kinds of torment and bullying ever since the Tona twins had advanced to the intermediate class one year ago. Therefore, they wanted to express their gratitude to Jin.

The Tona twins only behaved like obedient sheep in front of Jin or other Runcandel children, but most of the time, they were tyrannical madmen.

They werent known as the Nefarious Homicidal Maniacs for nothing in Jins first life.

Well then, well be going. I hope that your future is brighter and more promising than ours.

Chapter end

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