Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 85 - Birdman

Chapter 85 - Birdman

Chapter 85 - Birdman

Gentle Snows invite caused both Zhao Yueru and Xiao Yueer to pay attention.

Shi Fengs strength must definitely be great. However, they have never specifically seen him in action, so they were extremely curious about his capabilities. They wanted to experience the strength of the rumored Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Right! Join our party, Big Brother Black Flame! Our party members are all very skilled, so our leveling efficiency will be a lot higher, Xiao Yueer said from the side.

Zhao Yueru sent a glare towards Xiao Yueer. The girl actually made the statement before she could.

Xiao Yueer hid behind Gentle Snow, cutely sticking her little tongue out at Zhao Yueru.

Zhao Yueru stamped her feet in anger, causing her chest to bounce indefinitely. If it were not for Black Flame being present, she would have taught this little girl a lesson right this instant.

Although the beauties were filled with interest in Shi Fengs strength, the remaining two male players had their fighting spirits raised instead. Just what did Shi Feng possess to earn the attention of the three beauties? Suddenly, a heart of competition grew within them. They looked at Shi Feng with a provocative expression, not believing that they were any worse than Shi Feng.

Regarding these provocative glances, Shi Feng paid no attention to them. He said in a low tone, Thank you for your kind intentions, Miss Snow. However, I have a Quest that I need to do here, so I cant level up with everyone.

A Quest, is it? Gentle Snow was slightly shocked. This place was a Level 8 monster area, so she was extremely curious about this Quest Shi Feng possessed. However, trying to ask about someone elses secret would be impolite, so she formally said, Then, we wont disturb you anymore. If you need help, just ask. Although we dont know how much help we could be, we will still try our best to assist you.

Shi Feng smiled faintly when he heard Gentle Snows offer. It was naturally good news that there was someone willing to help him. It would not be an easy task entering the Steel Fortress Barrutia. There would definitely be monsters there, and it would take Shi Feng a long time to deal with them by himself. If there were such a powerful party helping him, then he would be able to save a lot of time.

Thats great! I need to go to a certain place. However, there are a lot of monsters there, so it wont be easy for me to enter by myself. Can you all help me clear the area? Shi Feng implored.

Originally, Gentle Snow was still thinking of a way to deepen the relationship between them and Shi Feng. Never would she have thought that Shi Feng would actually take the initiative to ask them for help. Gentle Snow quickly said, Okay, Ill invite you to the party. You lead the way.

Shi Feng accepted the invite, joining Gentle Snows party.

Under Shi Fengs guidance, the party of players quickly arrived at the core region of Physis Canyon.

Well arrive after passing through this forest. However, the number of Birdmen here is very high. They are all living up in the trees and are hard to detect, so you all have to pay attention to the Birdmen descending at any time. If they catch you in their talons, they will carry you high up into the air, then throw you your death, Shi Feng informed as he walked.

Its just a bunch of Birdmen. Whats there to be afraid of? Watch how well take care of these Birdmen, the Shield Warrior of the party clapped his chest, speaking in a disdainful tone.

Shi Feng spoke no more, only silently pushed aside the tree leaves that hindered his path.

However, Gentle Snow was not careless. Instead, she commanded, Everyone, pay attention to the air above. Protect the healer.


The two male players immediately turned serious, not daring to be careless. They tightly guarded Xiao Yueers sides. As long as Xiao Yueer survived, she would be able to revive them after leaving the battle. That way, the EXP and skill proficiency lost would be massively reduced.

As expected, not a moment later, four white-feathered Birdmen descended from the treetops. The sharp talons on both of their feet shot down with shocking speed, like an eagle hunting its prey, catching the male Ranger in an instant. The remaining party members reacted quickly, either using their weapons to block the talons or avoiding them completely.

Get rid of them! Yueru, attack the Birdman that caught Little Song! Yueer, stay in the back! Gentle Snow shouted orders. She used Whirlwind Slash on two Birdmen; however, the two Birdmen reacted very quickly, avoiding the attack by flying up into the air. Following which, Gentle Snow used Charge, running to save the male Ranger named Little Song.

Although the twin daggers in Little Songs hands constantly retaliated, the talons of the Birdman were too hard. No matter what he did, he could not hack away the talons gripping his shoulders. Although he wanted to attack the Birdman directly, his position prevented him from landing a hit on the monsters body. He could only helplessly dangle, slowly rising into the air.

Zhao Yueru used a Flame Explosion on the Level 9 Birdmans wings, causing -53 damage. The flames burned away some of the Birdmans feathers, causing the Birdman to plummet from the sky instantly. Gentle Snow was already waiting down below by the time the Birdman landed. She directed a Cleave at the Birdmans neck, sending the Birdman and its prey flying with the attack and causing -61 damage.

Facing the Level 9 Birdman, Zhao Yueru and Gentle Snow dealing such a high amount of damage despite the level difference of 4 Levels was quite good.

The injured Birdman looked pitiful. However, Birdmen had a total of 1,000 HP. Just this amount of damage was nothing to it. It would be better again after rubbing some spit on its wounds.

Moreover, it was the first time Gentle Snow and the others dealt with the attack patterns of flying monsters. They did not know any effective attack patterns and battle techniques.

Although Gentle Snows party managed to save the Ranger, they were still at a disadvantage against the four Birdmen hovering in the sky. Aside from Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru, who managed to deal over 50 damage to the Birdmen, the damages dealt by the Ranger and the Shield Warrior did not exceed 20. However, it was not because they were weak, but because the Birdmen were wearing Leather Armor; their Defense was not low. In addition to the level suppression, the two male players would be unable to deal any significant damage.

What is this brat trying to do? He still hasnt helped out after all this time. He is even watching from the side. Is he just a paper tiger!? the Shield Warrior, unable to stand by idly and watch, ridiculed Shi Feng in a soft tone.

However, just as the Shield Warrior finished speaking, Shi Feng took action.

With an abrupt leap, Shi Feng jumped past the trees, arriving in the treetops. Now that Shi Fengs Agility had reached 40 points, in addition to activating the Hidden Skill, Flying Steps, he was able to leap around the treetops effortlessly like a martial arts expert. His swords then landed on the Birdmen flying in midair, one after another.

Every slash from Shi Fengs swords caused -160 damage, at least triple the amount of what Gentle Snow and the others dealt.

This caused the Shield Warrior and Ranger to shut their mouths immediately.

Xiao Yueer watched Shi Feng leaping around the forest with a face filled with admiration, both her eyes glistening radiantly.

Zhao Yueru, as well, was slightly captivated. Black Flame was definitely not like some person who had dog-** luck.

Only Gentle Snow remained very calm. However, Shi Fengs way of battle had truly given her some enlightenment. She felt that her previous ways of battling were inflexible, unable to accommodate different situations. However, she was not to blame for this. The previous virtual reality games that were available did not contain such a flexible battle styles. It would not be easy for her to change in such a short period.

A short moment later, four of the hovering Birdmen fell dead. Their bodies fell heavily to the ground, dropping several Copper Coins and some Light Feathers.

Lets go. Shi Feng sheathed his pair of swords after landing on the ground. He then walked in the direction of his destination.

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Big Brother Black Flame, dont walk so quickly! Teach me how to battle as well, alright? Xiao Yueer excitedly chased after Shi Feng, hugging Shi Fengs arm and shaking it.

This is a technique for Melee Jobs. You dont need to learn it as a Cleric. Shi Feng did not think that Xiao Yueer would be so easy-going and unrestrained. She was completely different from the distinguished person she would be several years later.

You little girl! Just a moment and youre already making trouble! Didnt Big Brother Black Flame already say it? Youre not suited for it! Zhao Yueru pulled Xiao Yueer away, panting in rage. Unconsciously, the way she referred to Shi Feng had changed as well, suddenly becoming much more intimate.

Chapter end

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