Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 21 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Chapter 21 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Chapter 21 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Being said in such a way by Wordless Summer, Lonely Snow did not give any rebuttals. He only lowered his head and left, chasing after Shi Feng.

Waving Slowly squinted his eyes. When he thought about Shi Feng equipped in a body of trash equipment, he could not understand what methods Shi Feng had used to cause Lonely Snow to follow him. Lonely Snow had even given up on the clearing Deathly Forest.

Boss, lets ignore that foolish Lonely Snow. At worst, well start looking for people again. There are plenty of Level 2 players now, Battle To The End said in disdain as he watched Lonely Snow.

Waving Slowly nodded his head. Lonely Snows leaving did not cause any loss to their party. As for Shi Feng creating a party to dive into the Deathly Forest, not to mention clearing the Dungeon, nobody would go in with a Level 1 player.

In front of the Deathly Forests entrance, Shi Feng and Blackie continuously shouted to recruit people.

Open party for Deathly Forest, no rigid requirements, OK as long as youre a veteran gamer. 2 waiting for 4. Shi Feng shouted.

When everyone heard of it, many Level 2 players had run over. It was because Shi Fengs requirements were very low. Many small parties would choose people based on equipment quality; they needed a few pieces of Common Equipment to pass. However, who would have that many pieces of Common Equipment in the early periods of the game?

Party me, party me! Im already a Level 2 Cleric.

Party me! Im a Level 2 Shield Warrior. I also have a piece of Level 1 Common Plate Armor Armguard.

In just a moment, Shi Feng had invited 4 people.

These 4 people were quite happy originally. There were over ten people currently present, but only they were chosen. However, after they saw the party leader, Shi Fengs level, they left the party in rage one after another.

Fuck, its just a noob coming to die in the Deathly Forest at Level 1. If you want to enter the Dungeon, enter it by yourself. I wont accompany you.

No wonder there are no requirements for the party. Want us to give you a ride? Not a chance.

The 4 people were extremely enraged, and the voices they made were practically roars; every player at the Deathly Forest could hear it.

Hehe, even a Level 1 player dares boast about entering the Deathly Forest. He just wants to tag along for experience and equipment. Lucky for me I didnt go over.

There are all sorts of birds in a large forest. Who would be foolish enough to enter the Dungeon with a Level 1 noob? Isnt that just looking to be abused?

One after another, the Level 2 players laughed at Shi Feng for overestimating himself and for his foolishness.

Get lost if you dont wish to party up. Were not begging you all to come. Blackie became enraged after listening to them. Shi Fengs techniques had long since convinced him, yet these people were calling Shi Feng a noob. Can a noob kill a Level 2 Rare Elite when he was Level 2? Can a noob kill a Level 5 Chieftain when he was Level 0? These people were just a group of snobs and idiots.

Crap, my knowledge has been widened. A Level 1 noob party can be awesome. I really want to see how you two gather a full party. The Cleric that just left the party said with a cold smile.

At this moment, Lonely Snow ran over. When he saw Shi Feng, he hurriedly said, Brother Expert, give me an invite. I want to enter the Deathly Forest together with you guys. I have 2 pieces of Common Plate Armor Equipment on me, Defense is 24.

Alright. Shi Feng immediately sent an invitation.

Blackie never imagined that Lonely Snow would actually leave his original party and come to them. He suddenly had a good impression of Lonely Snow. Blackie clapped Lonely Snows shoulders, heartily laughing, You have good eyes. Dont worry; following Brother Feng definitely wont be a mistake.

Nonsense, nonsense. Lonely Snow was still slightly worried within his heart. The grinding spot Shi Feng had simply pointed him to had allowed him to rise to Level 2 quickly. However, Shi Feng himself hadnt even reached Level 2, and he was still wearing very poor equipment. Lonely Snow just couldnt understand how it could be so.

The spectating players by the side all became dumbfounded. There was actually someone who would enter the Dungeon with a Level 1 noob. This person had good equipment, at that. The brand new Plate Armor and Boots on Lonely Snow must definitely be Common Equipment and not Trash Equipment.

Although Lonely Snow had joined the party, not a single player had joined them after Shi Feng had recruited for over ten minutes. With just 3 of them alone, it was impossible to enter and clear the Dungeon.

At this moment, Waving Slowly But Surely brought a group of people.

Hehe, Brother Expert still hasnt partied anybody? Weve already invited another 3 strong members. All of them have at least two or three pieces of Level 1 Common Equipment. The Cleric, Endless Summer Night, said to Shi Feng in ridicule.

Waving Slowly only sent a glance towards Shi Feng, then moved his sight towards Lonely Snow, saying, You wont have a future if you follow him around. Before we enter the Dungeon, you could still consider it over properly. I guarantee that you definitely wont suffer a loss.

Afterward, Waving Slowly shifted his gaze towards Blackie. Previously, all his attention had been on Shi Feng, having ignored Blackie. Now that he took a closer look, Blackies clothing looked brand new. Blackie was even holding a Blackwood Staff. His equipment should be quite good, and he was also Level 2, so his techniques should be good as well.

Youre not bad as well. Why dont you join our party? You should know that we are an Elite Party. Its not something average players could compare to. If were together, leveling, grinding, and Dungeon diving will be easy. Waving Slowly looked at Blackie with a smile.

Get lost. Trying to poach me over just based on your little party? Blackie scolded as he pointed is Blackwood Staff at Waving Slowly. At the same time, he had selected to display the halo effect of the Bronze Equipment, saying, Its just two to three pieces of Common Equipment. I have three Bronze Equipment and two Common Equipment.

Waving Slowly and the others were shocked. They never thought Blackie was that powerful. He actually possessed three pieces of Bronze Equipment. During this period of time, a person having two to three pieces of Common Equipment was considered an expert. As for having a piece of Bronze Equipment, that person would definitely be an expert; every Guild would fight over for that person. However, the Blackie before them actually had three pieces of Bronze Equipment.

Waving Slowlys party also became surprised. When they saw the halo effect of the Bronze Equipment, their eyes had nearly popped out of their sockets.

No wonder Shi Feng behaved that boldly. Shi Feng had nothing to fear because he had grabbed an experts favor.

Meanwhile, Lonely Snow who stood beside Blackie was slackjawed. He looked at Blackie in disbelief. Lonely Snow had originally thought of Shi Feng as a rarely seen expert. He had never imagined that Blackie was the true great expert.

Fellow brother, if you party up with such a noob and enter the Dungeon, it would also be a burden on you. Not to mention failing to clear the Dungeon, you might even have to die once. How about you come with us. All pieces of mage equipment from the Dungeon are free for you to choose from. Although Waving Slowly was enraged for being given such a slap, if he could rope over Blackie, then the chances for clearing the Dungeon would become a lot greater.

I agree with your views. Joining a group of noobs such as yourselves really will be a burden to me Blackie chuckled.

You...... Waving Slowlys face turned beet red, furiously saying, Then lets see who clears the Deathly Forest first.

Finishing his piece, Waving Slowly spun around and left. He did not believe that a party with a noob in it could clear the Deathly Forest.

Humph, hes just a powerful damage dealer entering the Dungeon. Does he really think he could clear it? Wordless Summer jealously murmured.

Right. We are all veteran gamers. We are definitely stronger in Dungeon-diving than they are, The Shield Warrior curled his lips.

After Waving Slowlys party left, the number of people applying for Shi Fengs party had also suddenly increased.

Such an effect was mainly caused by the equipment that Blackie wore.

At this period, Bronze Equipment was definitely the proof of an expert. Even if there was a noob as the party leader, an expert with three pieces of Bronze Equipment could be considered as strong as two people. The advantage of having such an expert was definitely greater than an average party.

However, Shi Feng was no longer inviting people at random this time; there was a definite requirement. Such an action had caused the four players who had left Shi Fengs party previously to regret immensely. How could they have acted on impulse? Now, Shi Feng wouldnt give them a chance even if they wished to join.

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Just as Shi Feng was fervently recruiting party members...

At the Southwest part of the Deathly Forest Dungeons entrance, a great disturbance suddenly appeared. Many players had run over, one after another, every one of them having excited expressions.

It cant be. Meeting in such a place?Blackies two eyes stared straight ahead.

Shi Feng was also shocked. They could even meet such an important figure in a small location like Red Leaf Town. It was just unimaginable. Could it be that Red Leaf Town was a place that had crouching tigers and hidden dragons; only, Shi Feng had never discovered it before?

Chapter end

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