Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 60 – All Of You, Die!

Chapter 60 – All Of You, Die!

Looking at the current Long Chen approaching the two Bai Brothers, even Founder Yang did not dare stop him.

He had a faint suspicion that Long Chen would give him a pleasant surprise in a moment. As for Yang Yuntian and Yang Qingxuan, they were so shocked when they felt Long Chens enormous aura that it was difficult for them to even stand on their feet.

Only now did they realize that the Yang Family being able to survive until now, making the two Bai Brothers put their status down and resort to kidnapping, was not because of Founder Yang but rather because of this devilish genius Long Chen!

Although Long Chen was now in the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he had a strange shapeshifting ability which let his strength far exceed that of a normal cultivator. Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian also deduced that Long Chen had become a Beast Warrior but as for the specifics, even they were unsure.

Many things had happened recently and Long Chen was usually not around at Yang residence, so they never had time to ask.

Chen Er will most likely exceed any expectations I had of him

The three men from the Yang Family collectively sighed. This was especially true for Yang Yuntian who had long since been in awe of Long Chens rapid progress in cultivation.

Long Chens current appearance made Bai Sheng and Bai Li panic stricken. However, what they had never expected was that Long Chens speed could actually be so quick! In the blink of an eye, Bai Li suddenly realised that Long Chen had disappeared!

In the next moment, he felt a chill at his back and then it had started to hurt. Following this, a wave of overwhelming force rushed into his body. The bone drilling pain in his heart made Bai Li convulse and, as he lowered his head, he noticed a blood red spike withdrawing from his chest. Bai Lis face turned even paler.

ThisI haveImpossible

Although he was filled with utter disbelief, the piercing pain from the hole bored through his body had let Bai Li realise that he was most likely about to die. His consciousness slowly faded and his world turned darker.

He suddenly became aware of the shocked expressions of Founder Yang and the rest, who were looking behind him. Although Bai Li was extremely curious and wanted to see who was behind him, he did not have much time left, and his increasingly fuzzy consciousness made him feel extremely weary.

However, thinking of who could be behind him, his eyes suddenly widened. He realized that the person who had killed him, was actually the runt, Long Chen, who he had never cared about from the start!

However, it was too late. When he finally recalled this piece of information, his consciousness once again took another hit. In the midst of endless hatred and unwillingness, Bai Li died.

After being flung off by Long Chen, the corpse fell onto the ground and crashed in front of Founder Yang and the rest!

At this moment, everyone finally recovered their senses. Founder Yang and the other two looked at the wide eyed corpse, and then looked back at Long Chen who had spat a mouthful of spit on it. They were extremely shocked and could not speak.

[TL Note: () Wide Eyed Corpse: Chinese Idiom referring to someone who dies with grievance and regret/shock remaining.]

In the instant that Long Chen had killed Bai Li, Bai Sheng was extremely shocked. When his brothers corpse was flung onto the floor, he felt incomparable rage, which quickly turned into endless fear.

He immediately turned tail and attempted to run. He knew that Yang Xueqing was his only lifeline. But, as he turned back, an icy cold grip had already clasped onto his neck. That Qi, with an enormous and strong grip that was not a whit inferior to his, let Bai Sheng understand that if he made even the slightest movement, he would definitely die!

Bai Sheng was slowly lifted off the floor while in Long Chens grasp. Looking down at the blood red pupils, he was thinking of how Bai Li died. Bai Sheng, who lived for so many years, was finally afraid and the shadow of death was lingering over his head.

He was so terrified that his face turned ashen and he hurriedly begged, saying: Please let me go! I promise that I will bring all of my Bai Family away from Poplar Town and hand you all of the Bai Family properties!Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

Long Chen laughed coldly, not agreeing nor denying.

At this moment, Founder Yang had come to terms with the reality that Long Chen had killed Bai Li. Everyone hurriedly gathered around Long Chen and, looking at the miserable state of Bai Sheng, the three members of the Yang Family all felt extremely satisfied, especially Founder Yang. Seeing that this traitorous brother of his, the one he had acknowledged his whole life had finally landed in his clutches and his emotions surged wildly.

Chen Er, you know what to do, right?

When Bai Sheng had pleaded, Founder Yang coldly looked at him and blandly asked.

Founder Yangs intentions were extremely clear: Bai Sheng was not allowed to exist on this earth anymore.

Bai Sheng furiously stared at Founder Yang, saying: Brother Yang, we have been brothers our whole lives! Are you going to be this vicious now? On the account that I have helped you so many times before, how about repaying the grace and letting me go this one time?

Founder Yang sneered and said: The very night you placed the Nightmare Flower in my mouth, we were no longer brothers. Chen Er, do not drag this any longer, take action now.

With Founder Yangs last three words, Bai Shengs tears had begun to fall. He felt the pressure on his neck started to increase, and seeing that Long Chen and the Yang Family members did not plan on sparing his life, he knew that it was forfeited.

He thought of how he had he meticulously planned his attempt to exterminate the Yang Family, twice, but still ended up defeated by their hands. By Long Chens hands. Seeing this youth that was destined to have a great future ahead, Bai Sheng was extremely unwilling in his heart. What he regretted most was not killing this genius Long Chen before he made any progress in cultivation.

Xiong Er, if only you were more vicious in your methods back then, our Bai Family would not have to meet with such an ending today. Long Qinglan was extremely mysterious to us all those years ago. We should have all along realised that his son would not simply be just a useless brat.

Bai Sheng despaired as he though this..

However, looking at Yang Xueqing, Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian, Bai Sheng momentarily laughed wildly and said: Kill me if you want, but the azure sea metal chain binding Yang Xueqings body is impossible to be opened without a key or an advance grade spirit sword

Bai Sheng originally thought he could threaten the Yang Family members by saying this. After all, if Yang Xueqing was forever bound by these chains, she was as good as being dead.

What made Bai Sheng lose all hope was when the Yang Family members all looked at each other and smiled. Yang Qingxuan then said blandly: It seems like this Bai dog doesnt know, the conferment from the Lingwu Family contains an advanced grade spirit sword!

By now Bai Sheng had given up all hope, how could he not know that he had no more chance to leave this place anymore.

However thinking of that thing, Bai Sheng suddenly felt extremely relieved. He looked the Yang Family members with a crazy expression and exclaimed: Kill me if you want to, I, Bai Sheng no longer want to live anyway. However Im afraid the only Yang Family members remaining will be the few of you. Haha Yang Cangqiong, we still have heirs in our Bai Family, but as for your Yang Family, it seems like the bloodline will be stopped. This time, I havent lost to you!

As Bai Sheng said these words, the expression on Long Chen and the rest all changed abruptly. Founder Yang knew that Yang Qingxuan had instructed the rest to leave Poplar Town but, after listening to Bai Sheng, it seemed like it was all within the expectations of the Bai Family. After remembering Bai Zhanlong and Bai Zhanfeng werent here, the Yang Family members brows had all furrowed. As for Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian, the shock was so great that they could not even stand properly!

Seeing the agonised expression on their faces, Bai Sheng laughed hysterically and said: With the speed of Zhanlong and the rest, after so long, who knows if all of the other Yang Family members have died by now! Your Yang Family still lost in the end!

Yang Qingxuan cast a furious gaze on Bai Sheng and then looked towards Founder Yang and said with sorrow: FatherWu Er and the rest

Long Chen had never thought that things would end this way. The rage in his heart grew and, seeing that despite his imminent death this old man was still so smug, Long Chen immediately used all of his force and crushed the neck of Bai Sheng while he was still alive!

To think that one of the experts in Poplar Town were to die in this manner, under the hands of a 16 years old youth, was something no one could ever expect.

Long Chen could never have imagined that he would become the super expert in Poplar Town in just over a months time. The credit of this achievement was due to the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant and the mysterious Inherited Blood Essence!

Grandfather, Ill leave the Soul Diffusion Fruits and my mother to you. Lingqing and the rest might be in trouble so I will run with my utmost speed and save them now!

Looking at this youth, Founder Yang nodded his head solemnly.

Right now, they believed in Long Chen more than anyone else. He had replaced Founder Yang as the pillar of support for the Yang Family.

If it were several months ago and someone prophesied this moment, everyone would have definitely thought that person to be a lunatic. However, the truth was now in front of everyone.

Tears welled in Yang Lingqings eyes.

All of the old, the weak, the women and children in the Yang Family were all huddled together and trembling. At this point, the only people who barely had the ability to fight back were three: Yang Lingqing, Yang Lingyue and Yang Wu.

But their opponents right now were the eldest son, Bai Zhanlong, the fourth son Bai Zhanfeng, as well as Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji who had recently recovered.

At this moment the four of them laughed and looked towards Yang Lingqing and the other two. Amongst them, Bai Shiji smirked and said: How is it? Lingqing, Lingyue, have the both of you made up your minds? Right now, your Yang Family is thoroughly finished. Only by following me and my elder brother will you have a chance to live!

On the side of the Yang Family, under the attack of the four from Bai Family, Yang Wu had already fallen.

At this moment he was lying in Yang Lingyues arms and his face was extremely pale. The traces of blood at the corners of his mouth had reappeared even though he wiped it away and it was clear that in this exchange he was more severely injured than before!

Yang Lingyue cried, her tears falling down like petals of blossom flowers. She gave Bai Shiji a look of loathing and said: What abilities do you two brothers have by ganging up on my brother. All of your Bai Family are bastards! Only being able to resort to underhanded means such as bullying the weak and women!

Bai Shiji however was not flustered after being told off by Yang Lingyue. He smiled and said: It looks like your stupidity is not average. In this world, only the results matter not the process. Right now, your grandfather and that little bastard, have definitely ,100 percent, been slain by my grandfather and the expert from Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. As for us here, we have to finish exterminating the remaining trash of the Yang Family members before returning to celebrate. It seems like time is running out so I will no longer waste any more of it. As for the both of you girls, we will just resort to violence to bring you away. For the rest, all of you must die!

Regarding the matter of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and Yang Xueqing being a hostage, Yang Lingqing had already overheard them earlier. Thinking that they would all perish and that the mighty Yang Family was meeting its end, their hearts all shattered.

If not for Yang Qingxuan, who had instructed them right before he left, these silver spooned children would not be able to endure until this moment.

At that moment, Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji started walking towards the Yang Family members and suddenly, the women and children screamed. Looking at the rest of the family members behind her, Yang Lingqing gritted her teeth and said to Yang Wu: Big Brother, hand me the Phantom Glass Sword

Chapter end

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