Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 32 – [Transformed Devil First Finger]

Chapter 32 – [Transformed Devil First Finger]

Yang Lingyue looked at that wanton and evil look on Bai Shiji, and her eyes were filled with despair.

She knew in her heart what Bai Shiji was trying to do. Originally she had admired Bai Shiji whole-heartedly and also dreamt of a day when this would happen. But this came too suddenly, and it was done in front of others, including her own brother! Only now did she realize how much anguish she was feeling.

[TL Note: The day; she means *cough* sex *cough*]

Bai Shiji, why? Why is your Bai Family doing this to us, the one you wanted to kill shouldnt have been us? Why are you aiming at us? Let go of my sister!

Yang Wu was already heavily injured, and at this point, under Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidongs restraint, he could not move an inch.

Elder Brother, save me!

Hearing Yang Lingyues voice full of despair had turned Yang Wus eyes bloodshot! But his pain, which could be felt to the bone, had completely sealed all of his movements!

Earlier, Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji teamed up against him in an unexpected and backhanded blow, which was why he could be critically injured so easily.

His eyes were filled with unwillingness as he looked at his younger sister who was about to be shamed. His eyes could almost spew out flames, but at this point all he felt was helplessness!

As both of them faced despair, the trees nearby rustled as there a gust of wind approached. In the next moment, a shadow stood not too far away from Bai Shiji and sized up the scene, his face filled with shock.

It was Long Chen.

Looking at Long Chen that had suddenly appeared, Bai Shiji stopped his assault and viciously glared at Long Chen, smirking as he said: I was just about to look for you after this matter, but never thought that you would come knocking on the door. I might as well dispose of you first and then enjoy this enchanting beauty without a care.

When Yang Lingyue and Yang Wu, originally saw someone arriving, they had felt a feeling of salvation, but looking at the person that had actually arrived, their faces turned sluggish and darkened.

Long Chens arrival was as good as not being here.

On one hand, they had close ties with the Bai Family and ostracised Long Chen. However, now that they had actually fallen into the Bai Familys vicious scheme, it would be difficult to avoid being mocked by Long Chen. On the other hand, Long Chen was merely at the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm strength-wise, and meeting Bai Shiji who was at the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm was only adding one more member to the death count.

With Long Chen blocking the way, they could still delay their humiliation and death. This was the only use for Long Chens appearance in their hearts.

Looking at Long Chen suddenly appearing, Bai Shidong and Bai Zhixing momentarily felt a little nervous, but as they realized Bai Shiji was still here, they calmed down.

Especially for Bai Shidong, he had been humiliated greatly by Long Chen earlier but did not dare to take revenge. At this point in time with Long Chens appearance, he acted like a sheep in wolfs clothing as he said: Shiji Brother, after you heavily injure him, could you let me end his life?

[TL Note: Appearing fierce while cowardly at heart, the opposite of the wolf in sheeps clothing basically.]

Bai Shiji did not bother with Yang Lingyue anymore, only looking sinisterly at Long Chen and coldly said: If I do not accidentally kill him, then you may go ahead.

Looking at Yang Wus and Yang Lingyues disappointed faces after his arrival, Long Chen was suddenly so angry that even his nose could turn crooked.

These two fellows were not even optimistic about him, so Long Chen couldnt be bothered to save them. He immediately ignored Bai Shijis existence and looking at Yang Lingyue, who did not have her clothes worn on properly, he asked: Where is Lingqing?

However, Yang Lingyue did not answer him. She was constantly fiddling with what little clothes that she had on herself, wanting to cover up the skin that had been shown. However, that was only like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood.

[TL Note:( ) A cup of water on a burning cart of firewood. Idiom: an utterly inadequate and useless measure]

From what she saw, Long Chens arrival could not salvage anything, and she was still immersed in sorrow and panic. Unable to free herself while thinking of having to face this bastard after Long Chens death, she felt as if her whole body was going to crumble.

Long Chen was now fuming. He was so furious, not because Yang Lingyue wasnt optimistic about him, but because he was sincerely concerned about Yang Lingqing!

Yang Lingyue, Yang Wu, Im **ing asking you, where did Yang Lingqing go?!

Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue could not even utter a sound and allowed Long Chen to make a fool out of himself. However, at this point, Bai Shiji, who had been ignored by Long Chen, was gradually becoming angry.

The expression on his face had slowly darkened as the Qi around his whole body circulated explosively!

Walking slowly towards Long Chen, his icy cold tone could make people think that they were in the freezing cold of winter!

Even at the brink of your death, you still want to play a hero and care for others. You have ruined my younger brother and I had long since wanted to kill you. If not for my grandfather who had made me tolerate this until today, you would have been long gone to meet that useless dead father of yours!

What did you say?!

Long Chens fists slowly clenched. What he disliked to hear the most was someone calling his father trash especially when it came from Bai Shijis mouth. This was because Bai Shiji was Bai Zhanxiongs son and Yang Xueqing had actually treated Bai Zhanxiong dearly!

That lamentable women, if she knew that the Bai Family had done such atrocious deeds to the Yang Familys younger generation today, I wonder what her expression will be!

Bai Shiji put on an expression as if he was definitely going to win which made Long Chen very irritated. Yang Wu and Yang Lingyues stupid actions had filled Long Chen with a stomach full of anger. Yang Lingqings life and death was still unknown and he was extremely furious!

Once he thought of Bai Shichen, who wasnt here, and of that time when he showed off to Yang Lingqing

Looking at Bai Shiji, who had done those things to Yang Lingyue, Long Chen had an ominous premonition. Once he thought that his younger sister Yang Lingqing, that had been usually treating him so well could actually come to harm, his whole bodys Qi circulated wildly! His Qi transformed into a faint red colored dragon, and was surging within his six Dragon Veins!

The quintessence of the dragon, which had waned due to the transformation back into the normal state, slowly emerged once again from his body. He could faintly feel that the blood red Dragon God image which had vanished before from his organs, bones, blood and muscles, appeared once again and ferociously roared!

If anything were to happen to Lingqing, your Bai Family must all be buried with her! All of you go to hell!

Long Chens eyes started to become dyed with a deep scarlet red color! That faint red Qi had been stimulated and began to overflow from within!

Right now the situation was this. Bai Shiji will evidently not let him go so easily, as such; the only method to save Yang Lingqing was to kill this Bai Shiji in the shortest amount of time possible. This would also fulfil the purpose of Long Chen coming to this Big Barren Mountain!

Seeing that Long Chens eyes had emitted such a terrifying aura, Bai Shiji was shocked for a while, and then he smirked and said: No wonder you dare to stand in front of me, its because you have already entered the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm! However, with only this level, you still wish to mess with me? Your progress in breaking through is rather fast, so all the more reason I cannot keep you alive, receive your death!

As Bai Shiji finished speaking, Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue momentarily glanced over nervously, as in their subconscious mind all they had hoped for was for Long Chen to endure for a little longer.

When they heard that Long Chen was already in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, their hearts happily thought that maybe the descent of helplessness will come a little later and who knows. Maybe they will be able to hold off until someone saves them!

Finally with a little hope, but despair still surrounded and loomed over them like a trauma.

Once Bai Shiji had finished speaking, he instantly sent an attack flying towards Long Chen without warning!

His aura of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had explosively circulated throughout his body as an immense aura swept towards Long Chen, causing the falling leaves to sway and dance in the air!

However, what made Bai Shiji very surprised was, Long Chen was actually not made to retreat even half a step by this aura!

As expected, he is going to persist till death? What a stubborn fellow

Having this achievement at this age, actually youre not trash. However from today onwards, after meeting me, Im afraid you cant even become trash!DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

Within Long Chens body, the faint red Qi dragon madly howled.

Long Chen discovered that the pressure he originally had to use all his strength to block did not actually have such a huge impact on him right now.


Long Chen coldly laughed and as Bai Shiji charged towards him, his gaze turned dark suddenly, shouting as he charged towards Bai Shiji!

As both of them met each other, it seemed as if two shooting stars collided, with a huge bang, a resplendent starlight had faded away in a blink of eye and the [Five Directional True Devil Fist] vanished as it exploded. Both of them momentarily retreated in a hurry!

This attack of Long Chen had temporarily given Bai Shiji an extremely huge shock. Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue revealed expressions showing pleasant surprise. After all, Long Chen could meet one of Bai Shijis attack head on which was already considered a pretty good result. One must know that the the longer Long Chen can persist, the higher their chances of escaping will be, so they had looked on nervously and praying that Long Chen could endure for a while longer!

Bai Shijis voice, at this time, had travelled to their ears.

I heard that you used the [Falling Star Fist] to a stage of creation after the mastery stage. Indeed its not bad, to be able to defend against fifty percent of my [Five Directional True Devil Fist]!

Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue once again had a face of despair. So what if Long Chen had defended against his strike from earlier? It was only at fifty percent of the [Five Directional True Devil Fist]. If Bai Shiji were to use the [Dark Heavenly Finger] with all his strength, then wouldnt Long Chen die in one strike?

Yang Lingyues face turned pale and Yang Wu helplessly looked at his own sister, being unable to do anything about the situation.

Actually Long Chen was smiling deep inside, because he too had only used half of his strength.

However, he did not have time to waste with Bai Shiji here. At this moment, looking at the arrogant look of self-satisfaction on Bai Shiji he felt nothing but fury in his heart.

Bai Shiji, you are really the first person in my life that I must definitely kill!

Long Chen howled furiously inside his heart!!

At this point, he had already tested and confirmed Bai Shijis strength and being only a few breaths away, Long Chen no longer wasted any time with Bai Shiji as he didnt have the time to spare. His Qi surged like a dragon, and at this moment, he suddenly charged towards Bai Shiji and the ground trembled beneath his feet.

In the midst of dashing, his hands swiftly formed a seal motion, and a faint red Qi was rapidly revolving, letting out a whistling noise!

Bai Shiji, go to hell for me!

Currently, Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue were staring, astonished at Long Chen especially Yang Wu. He was extremely familiar with the aura of the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon]. Long Chen had, in a short span of ten odd days, already been able to use the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon], whereas Yang Wu had to learn it for half a year. From this alone, one could see that the innate talent of Long Chen, in the aspect of martial technique, was such a heaven defying existence!

Only a span of ten odd days, the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon], impossible, how could he suddenly have turned into such a genius

These were the thoughts of Yang Lingyue and Yang Wu. Their minds were unable to comprehend the situation and discover Long Chens faint red aura, much less understand what kind of difference his [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] had from the rest!

Looking at Long Chen who appeared like a blood red Dragon God and howled as he charged towards him, Bai Shiji was momentarily shocked, but soon it turned into a smirk.

[Seal of the Ashened Dragon]? A half assed [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] from the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm? How can it be a match for our Bai Familys [Dark Heavenly Finger]!

[Dark Heavenly Finger Transformed Devil First Finger]!

Chapter end

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